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X-massss [12 Dec 2004|09:26pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I want my Fall Out Boy shirt to come.

My mom got me this watch for X-mas:

flash flash!Collapse )

My other Hello Kitty watch flashed on the wrist band. It was so cool but the button to the flashing broke off.

This is my old watchCollapse )

I may still attempt to rebuy it but then I saw Fairy Odd Parents

Floating Crowny ThingsCollapse )

The Fairy Odd Parents watch lights up in the samce place and it's purrrple <33 I love purple.

Today I went to Old Navy. I never thought I would actually like that store. I got this awesome furry purse and two pairs of polka dot pj pants.

pretty prettyCollapse )

It was fun. My mom was complaining that i knew all my presents. I told her to suprise me with No Doubt's last album. Hey Baby! Hey Baby! Hey! wooot!

I love things right now despite my last post.

I think I might ask my dad for a Nixon Cool Pics camera.
The one I want is like 200.00 but it has videos.

I's already asking him for Fall Out Boy cds, a plain black hoodie, movies, and black converses.

I'm thinking maybe I'll cut some movies back.

I def. want Donnie Darko and Napoleon Dynamite.

Evita I can live without for some time.

Decisions Decisions.

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Pictures Again [07 Dec 2004|11:44pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

So I downloaded Adobe PhotoshopCollapse )


Random Theatre PicsCollapse )

Playing around with the last pictureCollapse )

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[07 Dec 2004|08:17am]
[ mood | calm ]

Ride em CowboyCollapse )

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[02 Dec 2004|06:51am]
[ mood | chipper ]

I saw the cutest guy in Hot Topic

lollz <3

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Chris <33 [18 Nov 2004|05:03pm]
[ mood | amused ]

God that kid is so fucking amazing.

I love him to death.

Tuesday night was probably THE BEST NIGHT EVER and I only have him to thank for that.

His beautiful self is supposed to write me an e-mail or so he says

tee hee.

I can't wait to read it..

I can't wait to see him again.


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Dumb People [08 Nov 2004|03:06pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

This kid pissed me off:

Pity PartyCollapse )

I was about to say " well if I was in a wheelchair I wouldn't waste time complaining about it. I would be making the best out of it. "

Then he blocked me.

I guess he can't handle the fact that people don't like it when other people feel sorry for themselves..

I don't do pity parties.

I also hate people who complain but don't do anything to better the situation.


Also To Mr./Mrs. Anonymous.

Don't tell me how ugly I am unless you have enough balls to leave your fucking name, you little fucking cunt


x Hey Get Sars x: someone wrote anonymously just to tell me how ugly I am
x Hey Get Sars x: ha ha
TheExpl0dingGirl: what?
TheExpl0dingGirl: that's bullshit
TheExpl0dingGirl: what a moron
x Hey Get Sars x: yeah I know really
x Hey Get Sars x: I mean they don't even have enough balls to use their name
TheExpl0dingGirl: haha, what an ass

TheExpl0dingGirl: you're beautiful
x Hey Get Sars x: ha ha thanksss
TheExpl0dingGirl: take it from a smart person :P


I <3 Sarah

Truer words have never been spoken <333

PaintShoppedCollapse )

I love Paint Shop Pro <333

and most importently, myself.

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nhgmghmhgm [05 Nov 2004|07:39pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Check Me OutCollapse )


I still need to stop getting at my lip a little.


bad habits.

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Vote Suckas [02 Nov 2004|05:01pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I voted.

You should too.


Red White and Blue.


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What is Retarded? [31 Oct 2004|11:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Ok so Mike ims me

Gets all pissy because I'm not home to adress his question.

Blocks me.

THEN I have to waste my time trying to solve the problem.

Keep in mind i'm the only one TRYING to solve it.


but he took the time out of his precious LIFE to im me this morning.



I try to talk to him and clear things up.

Nothing happening

He acted like a 5 year old as usual which is why I can't get close to him at ALL.

I absolutely HATE guys that won't admit they did a damn thing wrong.

All he did was complain about ME LIKE I'M FUCKING HITLER


This is why I'm glad to have Chris...


He's so easy to talk to and we always solve our problems so easily.

He never really gets mad at me ever and he never wants to NOT talk about things

We're always so open with each other.

I can't i never tried to piss Chris off...cause I admit sometimes I do

He just doesn't get mad.




Mike told me I didn't know how to have fun.

LMFAO! THAT WAS A REAL FUNNY ONE because I SURE AS HELL had a BLAST with my friends yesterday.

What a fucking idiot.

Anyways I'm guessing me and Mike aren't talking again...


It's fucking dumb to play stupid games like this

It's really funny because he tried to make me mad by telling me that he would never want to be with me ever


I don't fucking want to be with you either.



This leads into the reason I don't go out with other guys..

Chris doesn't understand what I DO go through when I do.

He thinks I'd be so happy dating someone else

Well I wouldn't and frankly the only reason I'm doing it is to make him happy.

That's the bottom line there.

He's the best thing I have whether he chooses to believe it or not.

Maybe I'll e-mail him right now..

I should be going to sleep though.

I have classes tommorow.

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Chris [31 Oct 2004|07:23pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I talked to Chris.

It was confusing.

He wants me, but he doesn't

Basically he's scared.

He's scared things will be boring.

He's scared things aren't going to work out.

He's scared he won't make a good boyfriend.

That's why he keeps dissapearing on me.

He told me that he just tells himself that I'm not coming back which is interesting because when he pushes me away, I do make a point to leave him alone.

He doesn't like me leaving him alone either so we're at a bypass.

He thinks that he has no potential at all which is sad.

I know he has self-esteem issues but he has no reason to.

When Chris decides to be a sweetheart, he is the most wonderful human being.

It's only when he gets f'd up in the head that it makes me sad/mad.

It's not that I hate him.

I'm just dissapointed because he's better then that.

I dunno.

I really don't want to do any convincing to get him to be with me.

I want to be with me because he wants to be with me.

If things don't work out then they don't work out but you can't always run away from things.

Let me tell you something.

I'm a chance taker and I want to take the chance on him.

He really has no reason to think we won't work out and I think he's basing it upon his other g/f's

He can't do that.

Every situation is different.

I will also say that he's become paranoid thinking about the consequences which isn't healthy either.

I really want to help him...

but he has really got to help himself as well.

I can't do all the work.

Anyways Skalloween was excellent.

SGR and Ruder Than You were excellent.

No Regrets wasen't that bad. Their new stuff isn't as good as I hoped but since I know them personally I really can't say anything that bad about them. They are all great guys and they have fun playing.

I talked alot with Harry.

He's a great person to talk to.

Roland was..ugh as usual.

PINTO!!! <33

I was so happy to see he came home.

I honestly wasen't expecting him to be there.

ha ha!

I missed him.

I told him I was writing him a 10 page letter.

He is going to love it.


I saw Livia as well <33

I love her.

and I saw some Clearview kids as well.

Namely Kristy Goldy and Sean Palma

ha ha!

It was fun to see people from my school.

Sean and I talked about college while I was taking a break with Harry outside.

Some lady kept calling my cell.

The funny thing is she wants ME to tell HER who I am.

uhh Dude it's MY cellphone your calling!

Why the hell should I tell you who I am?

Obviously you have the wrong number, bitch.

After the show I felt like hell.

ha ha!

My back and legs were killing me.

I expected it though.

It's been my first show in a while.

I was pretty damn violent.

ha ha!

Chris texted me and wanted to talk to me so I went there and talked to him.

which explains the above.

I was going to go to Livia's but I felt so sickly so I just ended up going home.

I woke up and Mike imed me.

Funny I thought we weren't talking.

He wants to know why I doubt him.

Well first of all once I lose trust for someone it's really hard to get it back.

You have to earn it.

Secondly, it really didn't seem like he really liked me the entire time I spent with him on Wenesday.

Maybe because he was a little weird when I got to his house.

I don't know.

Like if he was going for me, you think I would of been able to tell because usually I can tell.

There was just no flirting going on.

He apparently was afraid to touch me which upset me.

He walked away from me a number of times which may have been partially my fault because by that point I was basically lecturing myself in my head that I knew better then to go out with him.

Then again I tried more then once to forget it but he walked away at least 3-5 times.

Like he walked away the first time and it bothered me, but I just tried to brush it off.

The second time, it bothered me and I went to my car to have a good cry about it.

The third time, I was pissed off

There's only so much I can take before you send me over the edge.

That was it.

We ended up fighting on the way home and he supposedly wanted ot solve everything by not talking to me anymore.

Fine with me.

Now he wants to know why I doubt him.

If he put me through all that, how am I supposed to believe that he actually does like me?

It's pretty hard...

I dunno.

I really don't want to get involved with him again..at least not until he starts treating me right

Today was bleh.

I was still sick so basically I laid around and did nothing.

Chris text me at 4

He said he was going to call me at 5.

It really suprised me that he remembered because usually I have to call or text him first.

He made me really happy.

He told me he couldn't call me because he was playing a show tonight but he's happy he got to hang with me.
He also told me that we would definately catch up later.

What a sweetheart.

I love him so much...just for that.

He doesn't have to be some great superman of a boyfriend.

That..made my day.

After that I hung around and watched scary movies.

My parents went out and came home.

I didn't eat.

Well I ate a little bit..but not as much as I usually do.

I dunno for some reason today I just have been turned off to food.

It's weird because usually I eat a ton.

I'm figuring if Mike comes on tonight that I'll talk to him.

I dunno.

There's a good chance he might not even come online.

His computer is shot.


Oh well.

I feel bad just not addressing his question.


and now I am bored.

I always wonder how people stay on the puter for so long.

I mean there's really not that much to do besides write and talk to people.

If you have nothing to say and the same old thing to write, then it's bleh.

I think I may go raid the kitchen.

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Tee Hee <3 [29 Oct 2004|10:29pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I am the coolest of the cool.

Damn I feel so much better

I think I realized the whole reason I have been moody is because I didn't want to talk to Mike

Everyone told me that I should of punched him in the face after he pulled the shit with me.

I keep on getting hit on by guys now

ha ha!

Chris texted me.

He now feels like talking.

Well back one month ago, I wanted to talk.

He had his chance to say something then.

Still, I think this might amuse me.

I'm going to talk to him Sunday.


God I hope so.

I'm sick of his games too.

He's even got me playing them with other people.



I'm an asshole

ha ha!




I are ex-KITED

I will finish my Halloween costume tonight.


My hair GREW



ha ha

I dunno

I'm just being dumb now because I feel like it and I really have nothing that big of importence to say..

All I know is I am coool.




That's it, slick

♥ ♥ ♥
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I Feel Good [28 Oct 2004|04:03pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]


Despite last night's horrible shit, I am ok.


Totally awesome.

I decided that I am not going to compromise my vision of what I want in a guy.

If Mike doesn't agree with it, then too bad.

I shouldn't have to settle for less then the best and I only deserve the best.

True that.

I just want to get somethings straight:

1. I like to cuddle. Cuddling is more importent to me then sex. If you aren't a cuddler then don't waste my time. I can't live without it and I don't intend to try either.

2. I am a very clingy girl as stated before. While I don't mind if you go off and do your thing I do expect that when you come back you ACT like you like me. This goes back to cuddling/putting your arm around me for longer then a second/little kisses here and there etc. I won't live without any of this either. If you ask me to, forget it.

I also have made some acute discoveries as well.

I realized last night how importent it is for me to have a talkative guy that actually knows how to handle a conversation.

I'm very quiet around guys I like meaning that I most likely won't talk.

This means that I need a guy that can start conversations and doesn't feel akward doing it.

In other words, don't be retarded.

Be a man.

I need a guy that doesn't always tell me how fucked up I am or how retarded I am. You may be joking but if you say it enough times I tend to believe that you actually mean it. Face it. Words hurt.

I need someone I can feel comfortable around basically. I didn't feel comfortable last night and I wasen't put in the position to either.

This goes into the problem I have in Theatre class.

I basically don't feel comfortable and it drives me CRAZY not to feel comfortable.

Possibly the reason why I was somewhat crazy last night.

In Theatre there's basically a group that consists of:

Chris Weber
One girl ( I forget her name )
One boy ( you know the deal )
and Me

I basically feel that no matter what I do I'm being judged.

Like if I act like myself, people just ignore me like I'm not even there.

If I'm too quiet, no one includes me.

If I'm loud, everybody ends up hating me.

I really don't know what to do about this whole thing.

It's really odd situation to be put into.

I can't withdrawl and I do love Theatre.

Then again I hate being around people that hate me.

I'm just confused about the whole bit.

I flipped out at Steve because I felt like he was being mean to me.

I've felt like he's been mean to me for a while now.

I don't understand because the Steve I knew was a nice guy that like movies and we could talk about movies and music for hours.

I don't even feel like I really know him now.

I want to feel like I know him so I can be more comfortable around him.

Same with Chris Weber.

I try to get along with them but I don't confront people when I have a problem.

I keep it to myself.

I recently discovered keeping problems to yourself isn't good.

I feel so stressed it isn't even funny.

I'm going to talk to Chris about this tommorow.

There was to be a way to resolve this entire ordeal.


Today I skipped English and went through old clothing.

I went to History and took a quiz.

He let us leave.

I went home and ate food.

I talked to Kathleen because she's home from the hospital.


I feel soo bad because she had to go through all this crap.

Spinal taps.


I'm happy she's home though

I mished her.

Right now I'm in work doing my thing until 6.

Then I go home and get ready for dance which I really don't feel like going to at all but I'm going to go.

Tommorow is Math/Theatre.


I have to see my dad.

Then horseback riding.

and OMFG




Sorry I'm just a tad bit excited.

Ruder Then You is playing <3333

and NO REGRETS most importently.

I have to pick up their new cd.

and their last cd LULLLLLL.

I lost it in Canada, those lucky bastards.

They get No Regrets

but soon I shall have NR

* droools *



ha ha!

I have to finish my Skalloween costummeeee

All I have to do is get a while shirt and put " CRAZY " on it

and I need to make the drama faces on some posterboard.

I'mma color the mask, paint a pencil white, and attach the pencil to the mask so it can be like a mask




Actually it's a horrible joke but let's pretend it's a good joke for 5 seconds



As we can tell I am really looking forward to Skalloween.

All my frizends are going to be there so I won't be entirely alone like last night.

It is going to ROCK MY SOCKS

Maybe they'll be some cute guys there LULLLL <33


I'm always on the prowl.!!





I am way to happy..


I swear I is 2-POLER TUTU THE MAX.

ok ok

That was scarrry.

I must calm down.

This weekend I'm going to do the rest of my photography projects as well. so I can get them out of the way.

and I'm going to go into the darkroom and DEVELOP YOUR MOM


Sunday is Halloween too.



I may get together with friends and go trick the treat a little.

That will be funnerific.




Delicious Bizaroo RevengeCollapse )

He said I was a cutie to the max.

tee hee!

He's fucking hot as hell.

I'd tap that


Life just keeps on getting better and better.

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Tell Me About My " Date " [27 Oct 2004|11:17pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I say " date " because it really wasen't even a date

First of all I'm a very clingy girl

I like my guys close and cuddlely

but I don't make the first move.

So I go to Mike's house.

He's an ass to me but I ignore it.

We go to the show in total silence.

I get upset.

We get to the show and stand there in total silence.

I get even more upset.

Oh he did promise me that he wasen't going to do what he did to me before...

and he did manage to put his arm around me for a total of half a second



Anyways we get into the church.

Mike leaves me to go do things.

The first band gets doen playing.

He comes up to me and tell me he's going outside.

He leaves me there.

I get upset EVEN MORE

He comes to get me.

We go to my car.

He tries to get me to do things...sexually.

I will have none of that.

He gets pissed off and says " Ok then we should just go in the church "

I get upset.

We walk back to the church.

He walks off and leaves me alone again.

I get upset and go back to my car where I proceed to cry and HATE myself for thinking that he was ever going to change.

Mike comes and gets me.


We go back to the church in silence.

We go into the church.

Mikes leaves me YET AGAIN.

I go outside in the freezing cold.

Mike finally comes out.

We get into my car and get into a fight.

Supposedly he thinks he TRIED to get with me...







Yeah THAT was pretty funny...

He tried my ass.




He treats me like shit and he expects me to be happy.

He's been hanging out with little girls too long...

That's all I can say.

oh well I don't care anymore.

If he wants to act like he tried, then let him.

I'm just here to say he's a liar, a promise-breaker, and a no good cheat.

He reminds me of Chris...

but right now..I really wish I had Chris.

As much as he pisses me off with all his " I'm cool and in a band " shit,

he would NEVER do what Mike did to me tonight.

Seriously I'm done with guys though until one comes along that REALLY impresses me.

I mean REALLY...

With all these other guys that have fucked me up he's going to have alot to handle.

I'm worth it.

True that.

* sighs *

Luckily Chinese is here.

That makes me happy.

and I talked to Dee:

Guess what I did on my date Collapse )

I'm glad SOMEONE agrees with me.

At least we know I'm NOT crazy like Mike said I was.

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Weeee...NOT [26 Oct 2004|04:37pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I talked to Mike last night on the phone about alot of things.

It was really hard trying to word things around.

I admit I have a had time speaking clearly to people.

I think I explained my feelings well enough so Mike understood.

I just really don't want to be dissapointed again....

Mike told me I have to trust him though...

so I'm going to despite my non-belief in second chances.

I'm just really scared he's going to hurt me again..

Afterwards I felt better that I talked to him.

He was such a sweetheart..

He was asking me if I would be mad if he tried to hook up with me..

ha ha!

He kept on telling me he didn't want me to be mad at him etc.


I hung up with him and tried to go to sleep.

I've been looking up abandoned haunted mental hospitals all day

and I think I scared myself.

I had a hard time sleeping..

Basically just falling asleep...

I went to Math today.

The test was baaad I think.

I dunno..

It wasen't that hard except for percentages.

I need to work on them.

After Math I went home to get Mike's number because he told me to talk him at 1

I went to Theatre upset..

I really don't like it there anymore.

It's like I'm the invisible person of the group and no matter what I do, everyone hates me with an exception to Chris, Paul, and Ryan.

It's mainly just Chris Weber and Steve that I have a problem with personally..

but also when people are all together in the group it's like I'm not even there...

I get cut off.

I'm not really included in the conversations or the " hang outs "

I'm just there.

I mean these people act like they're my friends but I have to question in my mind if they really are my friends..

To me they don't act it.

It's funny too.

I've actually tried to change myself to get more recognization...
Like I've been quieter to see if people would notice
I've been louder because being quiet was getting me no where...

Being myself hasen't worked which is why I had to resort to these different methods...

but I don't feel like I should be in the position to be myself but then be ignored...

In reality, no matter what I do I'm ignored anyway so I've just giving up on trying.

Chris and Steve are the meanest ones there too..

and it's like they're only mean to me...

and I don't know who gave them the right to be such a jerk to me..

but I am definately not liking it

and I'm not going to put up with it...

I already put up with this dehumanization by my step-father...

I dunno.

Steve prides himself on being an asshole which is fine I guess but when it comes to being an asshole to someone you really only talked to once...then that's fucking dumb...

I mean I'm an asshole to people who I basically don't respect at all.

If you wrong me in some way, I will be a jerk

and If you do something in some way that I deem unappropiate, then I will be a jerk especially if it does involve something that makes me lose respect for you.

Steve doesn't know me..

He's really only talked to be once and all we really talked about was music and movies..

I'm SICK of trying to start a conversation with him.

It's not like he actually tries to talk to me.


I almost had a breakdown in Theatre so I left.

Chris was a jerk today.

Sometimes I think he eggs on Steve....

I dunno.


All I know is I got really upset.

My anxiety attacks started up again.

I threw up in the bathroom and I just though I needed to just go home.

Of course I was pissed off as well...

It wasen't just that I was hurt.

I tried to call Mike because I REALLY needed someone to talk to..

I was gonna find Chris on MySpace and talk to to him and tell him what was going on..
but since I left I didn't have a chance to get his number.

I don't think I'm going to be in Theatre on Friday that's how upset I am...

I went home and basically just wandered around the house like a lost lamb.

I just wanted Mike to hold me or something.

I just needed comforting.

I'm really hoping Mike calls tonight...

I've calmed down since then though.

I'm in work right now...

and later tonight I have art class.

Tommorow I have Philosophy and Photography and then later tonight I'm going to a show with Mike.

I think he said Converge is playing.

I've never heard of them but it should be interesting I think.

He really wants me to go with him though...

I decided I needed new shampoo because the shampoo I have just isn't working for my hair.

It's supposed to give it more body but frankly I feel like I have an afro the next morning.

Tonight I'm going to perfect my outfit for this concert.

I must look hawt with an awt

This Saturday is SKALLOWEEN too.

I need to find directions to that church.

Sunday is Halloween.

I dunno who I'm going Trick Or Treating with.

We will see.

It all depends if Mike wants to hang out with me this weekend or not.

Oh yeah.

I cut my bangs too.

They were getting way too long..

Also Kathleen is in the hospital ;_;

I'm really worried about her.

I mean I know she was feeling sick but damn ;_;


I hope she feels better ;_;

I need to look at colleges..


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[23 Oct 2004|09:41am]
[ mood | weird ]

Night Bright. Stars Shine. Sleep. Moon. Dream. Time. Collapse )

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA [20 Oct 2004|09:44am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Mike called


I find it funny.

I hope he's going to threaten me again.

That may be worth arguing with him.

I like arguing.

* yawns *

Today = new hoodies, good coffee, white paint etc.

- EDIT -

Your body may be gone, I'm gonna carry you in.
In my head, in my heart, in my soul.
And maybe we'll, get lucky and we'll both live again.
Well I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Don't think so.

Well that is that and this is this.
You tell me what you want and I'll tell you what you get.
You get away from me. You get away from me.
Collected my belongings and I left the jail.
Well thanks for the time, I needed to think a spell.
I had to think awhile. I had to think awhile.

The ocean breathes salty, won't you carry it in?
In your head, in your mouth, in your soul.
And maybe we'll get lucky and we'll both grow old.
Well I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I hope so.

Well that is that and this is this.
You tell me what you want and I'll tell you what you get.
You get away from me. You get away from me.
Collected my belongings and I left the jail.
Well thanks for the time, I needed to think a spell.
I had to think awhile. I had to think awhile.

Well that is that and this is this.
Will you tell me what you saw and I'll tell you what you missed,
when the ocean met the sky.
You missed when time and life shook hands and said goodbye.
When the earth folded on itself.
And said "Good luck, for your sake I hope heaven and hell
are really there, but I wouldn't hold my breath."
You wasted life, why wouldn't you waste death?
You wasted life, why wouldn't you waste death?

The ocean breathes salty, won't you carry it in?
In your head, in your mouth, in your soul.
The more we move ahead the more we're stuck in rewind.
Well I don't mind. I don't mind. How the hell could I mind?

Well that is that and this is this.
You tell me what you want and I'll tell you what you get.
You get away from me. You get away from me.

Well that is that and this is this.
Will you tell me what you saw and I'll tell you what you missed,
when the ocean met the sky.

You wasted life, why wouldn't you waste the afterlife?

My mom malled me up

Hello Went Seal.

I have an English paper to write but it's only 2 pages.

I'm procrastinating.

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New Hair [18 Oct 2004|08:58pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Ta Da!Collapse )

Tommorow I see Steve...


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Bye Jen ;_; [17 Oct 2004|08:27pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Last night I had trouble sleeping.

I had the weirdest dream about a guy and I

I swear the guy was Steve.

Anyways I woke up

and it was 8:30

There was a horse show at the barn so I rushed there.

I got there around 9 which was when the show was supposed to start

It didn't start until 10.

As soon as it started I pulled out my good camera and took pictures of Ashley and her horse TJ

I took pictures of Kat and Mary Jo next.

Then I hung around and watched people

Some lady was selling stuff.

I bought some horse erasers, a horse comb, and a horse keychain.

I gave Kat money.

Early b-day, plus it was only 5 bucks.

She got a sticker for her car. lol

I also took some pictures with my digital.

( hint, hint )

I went home to tell my mom I accidentally bleached her green carpet.

Suprisingly she wasen't that mad.

I got my school books together and went back to the barn.

Kat, Ashley, and I went up in Kim's house and did homework.

I finished part of my Philosophy test.

I think I did really good but I still need to do the written part which my teacher happens to be really anal about.

I was too lazy to do that

and Kat promised to burn me Celldweller and the new 311 cd

and also promised to get me a key latch so I can hook my keys to my pants from now on.

I told her I would have her horse pictures on Friday so she should bring the cds and the key latch to her thingy.

So Friday at 6 I have to be at the barn.


We went downstairs to watch more of the show.

I took picture of all the horses

especially Boo and Zeke because they are my babies.

We played around in the indoor for a while seeing how high of a jump we could jump without our horses.

I jumped a 3'9" jump but i bent to far too get over it and I rolled on the dirt

but I still got over it.

ha ha!

After that we noticed that Jen our trainer was getting ready to leave.

She looked upset ;_;

I had no idea she was leaving but Kat confirmed it.

Danielle told us to hide bridles so we went and did that and told Jen they were missing

Collen convinced Jen her girth was missing as well so Jen was looking for that.

Kim took control thought while everyone got the food down.

and she finally came out and we yelled " Suprise "

She cried

I cried

and we got in line to eat food.

Ashley, Kat, and somw other people went up to the treehouse to eat and we sat around and talked

I wolfed down my entire plate of food which is a first.

After the treehouse we hung around for a little.

Before we left I got my picture taken with Jen and so did Kat.

I took some pictures of Jen opening presents while she told us this story.

Apparently this girl from Poland rides at our barn.
She walks because she got a DWI and she was 3 times over the limit. The girl swears it's the " polish cough medicine ". Yeah SURE IT IS!. Anyways Jen was leaving and the Polish girl went to say goodbye. She kissed Jen on the lips..


Jen was like WTF??!?!?

ha ha XD.

Jen was like " Ok I understand it's a European custom to kiss people on the cheeks BUT THE LIPS??! "

After that I left.

I went home and my mom gave me the picture she got developed of the Lippizan show I saw way back when.

I got some pretty good shots.

and you guess it

Here's the digitals from today:

Party HARD-Y Collapse )

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Picture War [14 Oct 2004|04:39pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Emo DayCollapse )

House AdventureCollapse )

It was a lovely dayCollapse )

This also included dance.


* yawns *

I may have posted some of these pictures



School = BLEH




Basically that is it...




that I am fucking AWESOME.

Guess what?

Mike admitted his girlfriend is a slut after telling me how much she WASEN'T a slut

and she broke up with him AGAIN


Remember when I told him " That's fucking BULLSHIT ".


Yeah I remember that part well.

Anyway I just want to thank myself for being the SMARTASS I am.

Otherwise, it wouldn't feel SOOOO GOOD to be SOOOO RIGHT.



I just love to gloat.

It's in my personality.

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Black [11 Oct 2004|04:08pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Yeah I wore all black today.

I forgot how cool is was to do that.

It was also fun to come off as an angry chick.

I kinda upset myself today.

I thought about Steve.

I hope all goes well when I talk to him.

I plan on being extremely quiet tommorow.

After school I went straight home

I collasped on the couch and slept.

The new sppongebob is on tonight.


I found some t-shirts I want:

Color MeCollapse )

I reallly want that Alkline Trio shirt

and that Fall Out Boy shirt.

I have to wait until I get paid this week.

* yawns *

My Space is stil being a bitch but I was able to e-mail Dave.

It took me alll day. >:[

Tommorow I work at the library at 4ish

so I'm going to see if MySpace lets me on there.

One can only hope.

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