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I want my Fall Out Boy shirt to come.

My mom got me this watch for X-mas:

My other Hello Kitty watch flashed on the wrist band. It was so cool but the button to the flashing broke off.

I may still attempt to rebuy it but then I saw Fairy Odd Parents

The Fairy Odd Parents watch lights up in the samce place and it's purrrple <33 I love purple.

Today I went to Old Navy. I never thought I would actually like that store. I got this awesome furry purse and two pairs of polka dot pj pants.

It was fun. My mom was complaining that i knew all my presents. I told her to suprise me with No Doubt's last album. Hey Baby! Hey Baby! Hey! wooot!

I love things right now despite my last post.

I think I might ask my dad for a Nixon Cool Pics camera.
The one I want is like 200.00 but it has videos.

I's already asking him for Fall Out Boy cds, a plain black hoodie, movies, and black converses.

I'm thinking maybe I'll cut some movies back.

I def. want Donnie Darko and Napoleon Dynamite.

Evita I can live without for some time.

Decisions Decisions.

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