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Bye Jen ;_;

Last night I had trouble sleeping.

I had the weirdest dream about a guy and I

I swear the guy was Steve.

Anyways I woke up

and it was 8:30

There was a horse show at the barn so I rushed there.

I got there around 9 which was when the show was supposed to start

It didn't start until 10.

As soon as it started I pulled out my good camera and took pictures of Ashley and her horse TJ

I took pictures of Kat and Mary Jo next.

Then I hung around and watched people

Some lady was selling stuff.

I bought some horse erasers, a horse comb, and a horse keychain.

I gave Kat money.

Early b-day, plus it was only 5 bucks.

She got a sticker for her car. lol

I also took some pictures with my digital.

( hint, hint )

I went home to tell my mom I accidentally bleached her green carpet.

Suprisingly she wasen't that mad.

I got my school books together and went back to the barn.

Kat, Ashley, and I went up in Kim's house and did homework.

I finished part of my Philosophy test.

I think I did really good but I still need to do the written part which my teacher happens to be really anal about.

I was too lazy to do that

and Kat promised to burn me Celldweller and the new 311 cd

and also promised to get me a key latch so I can hook my keys to my pants from now on.

I told her I would have her horse pictures on Friday so she should bring the cds and the key latch to her thingy.

So Friday at 6 I have to be at the barn.


We went downstairs to watch more of the show.

I took picture of all the horses

especially Boo and Zeke because they are my babies.

We played around in the indoor for a while seeing how high of a jump we could jump without our horses.

I jumped a 3'9" jump but i bent to far too get over it and I rolled on the dirt

but I still got over it.

ha ha!

After that we noticed that Jen our trainer was getting ready to leave.

She looked upset ;_;

I had no idea she was leaving but Kat confirmed it.

Danielle told us to hide bridles so we went and did that and told Jen they were missing

Collen convinced Jen her girth was missing as well so Jen was looking for that.

Kim took control thought while everyone got the food down.

and she finally came out and we yelled " Suprise "

She cried

I cried

and we got in line to eat food.

Ashley, Kat, and somw other people went up to the treehouse to eat and we sat around and talked

I wolfed down my entire plate of food which is a first.

After the treehouse we hung around for a little.

Before we left I got my picture taken with Jen and so did Kat.

I took some pictures of Jen opening presents while she told us this story.

Apparently this girl from Poland rides at our barn.
She walks because she got a DWI and she was 3 times over the limit. The girl swears it's the " polish cough medicine ". Yeah SURE IT IS!. Anyways Jen was leaving and the Polish girl went to say goodbye. She kissed Jen on the lips..


Jen was like WTF??!?!?

ha ha XD.

Jen was like " Ok I understand it's a European custom to kiss people on the cheeks BUT THE LIPS??! "

After that I left.

I went home and my mom gave me the picture she got developed of the Lippizan show I saw way back when.

I got some pretty good shots.

and you guess it

Here's the digitals from today:

That's Mary Jo during a course.

The white horse is Pokey <33


This is Reds, Danielle's horse.

This is Grandpa Rocket <33. He's the oldest horse at the barn.

Ashley and TJ <33

Kat giving Mary Jo some water.

This is my baby ZEKE. I rode him the other day and he was awesome. He even gave me a lead change so I had the right lead.

Kat won Grand Champion. woo!

Ashley cutting TJ's braiding out.

Kat and Aztex. He was an out of town horse.

Iggy <3 He likes to lick my hand.

Kat, Ashley and CURRY. I'm not sure who was riding her. I had just met her but she is really nice. lol!
It sucks because Curry had her ears pulled back.

This is either Pokey or Casper. They're both whire ponies at the barn. I'm sort of leaning towards Casper by the face. Then again Pokey is pretty fat...

Kim's little 2 year old on Hootie.

My group being dumb. ha ha!

Kat on the phone.

This is my other baby Boo <333. He's usualyl my show horse because I'm trying to improve with him. Kat says I work well with him.

Kat air drumming

Jen at the suprise party being crushed by kids

Jen's cake

The food line XD

Ashley. tee hee

♥ ♥ ♥
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